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Mystic 5 was founded for a purpose, to help the earth instead of take from it. That’s why we focus on products made from hemp – one of nature’s best renewable resources.

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Help Us Save Mother Earth With Every Purchase.

We’ve officially partnered with onetreeplanted.org to help achieve our mission to help the environment. Every sale made equals one tree planted to help save the earth!

Our Vision


As a company dedicated to mother nature, Mystic 5 prioritizes in creating products from hemp, one of nature’s best renewable resources with countless applications and use cases. Our hemp is grown at some of the best farms located right here in the USA. All of our hemp is 100% Organic, All-Natural, Non-GMO, and Pesticide-Free!

The History Of Hemp.

Hemp has been one of the most important and significant crops in the history of mankind. 

It all started in 8000 BC…

The first use cases of hemp can be traced back to ancient clothing found by archaeologists in Mesopotamia, with evidence that it could be the earliest plant ever cultivated for textile fiber. 

Fast forward to 150 BC: China is the first country to realize the usefulness of hemp, and creates the world’s first paper from it. That’s right, all paper and clothing once originated from the hemp plant. 

For centuries after that, hemp becomes an important crop of enormous economic and social value, supplying much of the world’s need for food, fiber, and medicine.


Our team

Tony is the founder and CEO of Mystic 5.  His obsession to help people with natural alternatives to prescription meds, goals of giving back to the earth and his passion for quality is how Mystic 5 began.

Tony Smith

Founder | CEO

Kristie has a passion for graphic design but she’s also Tony’s wife.  Her creative soul comes into play with a lot of Mystic 5 designs.

Kristie Smith

Graphic Design

James is a transformation coach and he is a MASTER of leveraging social media marketing for affiliates.  He is a huge asset to the Mystic 5 team.

Makenna is our beautiful daughter.  Her ‘hippie’ spirit and lifestyle was the biggest inspiration for Mystic 5.  From introducing us to the CBD world and the huge benefits of CBD she opened our eyes to natures miracle.

‘Kenna Jade’

Public Relations

February 2020

Mystic 5 was founded by Tony Smith, with a mission to provide high quality, all-natural products, while giving back to the environment.

MARCH 2020

Mystic 5 is officially partners with onetreeplanted.org to plant a tree for every sale made!

April 2020

Mystic 5 partners with …