You must be living under a rock if you’re still unfamiliar with CBD. CBD has surely reached the pinnacle of its growth in the past few years, gaining more trust of the medical personnel and patients.

Researchers have spoken highly of the health benefits provided by the natural compound. They believe CBD is not stopping here. It will continue to prove its potential and be useful for many more issues. Seeing the high demand for CBD, people are curious about many things related to the compound. One of the many questions raised regarding CBD is the right dosage that should be consumed

 by the user.

The answer to the question is still ambiguous. The dosage might be different for the treatment of several ailments. However, the research suggests that about 20 to 1500 mg CBD per day will be sufficient.

The dosage of CBD depends upon various factors. These include the consumer’s immunity, weight, the type and intensity of the disease they’re suffering from, etc. Usually, it is recommended to take small dosages of CBD for minor diseases and high amounts of the compound for major chronic diseases, like neurological problems.

You should not only be familiar with the countless miraculous benefits of CBD but also know about the adequate dosage to get maximum nutrition out of the compound. Though it is still not confirmed as to what the right dosage of CBD is, experts suggest that you should start from smaller amounts and increase the dosage if you feel the need till you get your desired results.

However, legally, no one can make any recommendations regarding the use of the compound. Therefore, it is suggested to do some research about the compound and its use on your own and take the word of your doctor before usage.

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